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Megan Heeres
Megan Heeres

Through interactive sculpture, installation, and papermaking, Megan Heeres explores the physical capacity of materials, mechanisms, and processes, seeking “to reveal something unintended—something that grows and moves and reacts to the world around it.” Heeres’ work is essentially driven by her interest “in the tenuous nature of things, the delicate cusp between decay and health, function and non-function, inside and outside, between natural and human-made.”

In her investigation of forms, materials, and relationships, Heeres lures the viewer to become part of her exploration, through helping to make the sculptures operate, observing the works’ fragile relationship with gravity and inertia, and experiencing their unpredictable movement and their potential failure.

A native Michigander, Megan Heeres returned home from the West Coast in 2007 to study at Cranbrook Academy of Art, fell in love with Detroit, and settled here. Megan has maintained an active studio art practice in the city and is a represented artist at Simone DeSousa Gallery.

Megan participates in projects locally and nationally, most recently at Bravin Lee Programs and at PARMER in New York City, and her Invasive Paper Project throughout Detroit. She is actively involved in the greater arts community in SE Michigan, as a visiting critic to area universities, as well as working in different neighborhoods on a range of projects.

Megan continually presents her work in numerous forms in group exhibitions, as a panelist and speaker at conferences, artist residencies and workshops all over the states and abroad.

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