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Matt Zacharias
Matt Zacharias

Matt Zacharias appropriates existing imagery and reinterprets it into new contexts, questioning our assumptions and conditionings derived from our specifi c environments and references.

Zacharias builds his works with narrative responses to the images he appropriates, and in turn, associates with his own stories—heard, lived or created. The works are constructed from paint, silk screens, video, found objects, or whatever material required to convey the new narrative.

Inviting viewers to question their own stories of the world and themselves, Zacharias work is both subtle and highly emotional.

Matthew Zacharias received a Liberal Arts degree in Film from the University of Michigan. After producing a few short fi lms, Zacharias’ interest in fi lm and video projects migrated to photography, print and design. In 1996, Zacharias joined the art collective AWOL and co-produced multimedia works that premiered at art galleries around the country.

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